Hip surgery went well – short update

Dear friends, I just want you to know I underwent surgery in my hip the other day. It has nothing to do with windsurf or an injury as such, but is something I am predisposed to given my body-struture. However, I believe some excercise and windsurf have made it worse hence I will take that in to considerations when I get back to full training. To read more, please click but I must warn you I have uploaded some quite strong images from my surgery! Read more

A completely new website


Hi guys, long time you haven’t heard anything from me, but for good reason! First of all I have been struggling with my website for a long time. Almost one year back it was attacked by hackers that infiltrated my website, and even though I have tried to clean it out I haven’t fully succeeded hence I needed to start fresh!

So, even though the site might seems the same as before I’ve done some changes, added things and taken others out, but it has been made from scratch again! It was very time consuming but today I found the time to commit myself to the project until it was completely done!

I have taken all the precautions I could think of this time to avoid future attacks (though you can never be 100% sure). Basically I am just applying the same security procedures to my own website now, as I am always doing to customers websites. Somehow it’s always easier to skip the burdensome steps on you own but its definately not worth it!

I will be posting more in the coming weeks, so remember to drop by! 🙂

Please feel free to drop my a message or call!