January 13, 2016 danni64

Hip surgery went well – short update

Dear friends, I just want you to know I underwent surgery in my hip the other day. It has nothing to do with windsurf or an injury as such, but is something I am predisposed to given my body-struture. However, I believe some excercise and windsurf have made it worse hence I will take that in to considerations when I get back to full training. To read more, please click but I must warn you I have uploaded some quite strong images from my surgery!The surgery was done because I had limited movement in my right hip due to my right leg (the bone) was growing. The bone was cleaned as it had damaged my legiments which had to be repaired too. All in all the surgery went well, but I am not out for some months (again!). It is bothering my so much, because I felt really well on my windsurfer in the end of 2015. However, this is for life and I had to do something. Below are some pictures so you have an idea of how it looks just one day after the surgery.

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